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Wet room floors - heated floors within shower rooms.

In some cases, wet room floors with a gentle fall are required rather than shower trays. Wet room floors are typically flush with the adjacent floors and are required to slope down to a gulley.


There are various ways to create a wet room floor. One option is to sculpt the fall within screed of a traditional underfloor heating system. With a dry installed system, it is possible to use a ready-made wet room deck with built-in fall over which the final tiled finish is installed. As an example, see Impey website for more info on wet room floors.

Wet deck sizes vary according to manufacturer and installation should be undertaken according to each manufacturers guidelines. All wet decks require full support underneath and should be mechanical fixed down. The surrounding wet room floor can be continued with a loading bearing surface so that the complete room can be waterproofed before the floor finish is introduced.


One further option is to create the fall in the wet room floor within the substrate and then continue with the heating panels and load bearing surface as seen above. Our levelling slate can be used for this purpose.

Brief Installation Guide

It is generally recommended that the installation guidelines of the wet deck are followed. In this case however, only the immediate gulley area is supported with ply whereas the surrounding area is supported on the heating panels.

With the wet deck and gulley in position a slip membrane is installed in the surrounding area to take screed replacement tiles. Other load bearing surfaces could be used.

Surrounding load bearing surface installed. Joint between the two different substrates should be continued through to floor finish above.

The waterproofing membrane supplied by the wet deck manufacturer can be installed according to their guidelines over both the wet deck and the adjacent load bearing surface.

Finally, the tile / stone finish can be installed over the waterproof membrane using the adhesive specified by the membrane manufacturer.

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