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1. Begin by fixing the sheet ply on support battens ensuring that the ply is 30mm below the top of the joists. The trap requires the ply to be mounted flush with the tops of the joists. Ensure the raised section of ply is the same length as the linear gulley.

2. Begin installing the IDEAL EPS heating panels using 3 pipe runs between the joists (400 centre joists).

3. Continue by installing all the panels, either as per supplied layout or simply by installing as much pipe layout as possible.

4. Press the heating pipe in to the panels and notch the joists where the pipe has to cross over

5. Install Aqua-Dec wetroom former element and before screwing down to joists slide steel sheet partly underneath to offer extra support .

6. JUPITER system foil should then be unrolled over the remaining exposed heating system. This protects the heating system from the Screed Replacement Tile adhesive.

7. Screed Replacement Tiles are then installed around the Aqua-Dec as per published guidelines.

8. At 20mm thick the Screed Replacement Tile system is 2mm shallower than the Aqua-Dec.

9. The TileSafe waterproofing membrane is applied as per supplier’s guidelines over the Screed Replacement Tiles and the Aqua-Dec. This partially resolves the 2mm height difference.

10. Finally, the finished floor tiles are installed and the flexible tile adhesive makes up the final step between the two systems.

'no need to screed...'

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